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Blakley and Rowdy Harrell die in honeymoon crash in Fla. Keys
Moundville’s Rowdy Harrell was 3X national champion at UA, NASCAR champion crew member

Identity Crisis
Warrants issued after man uses significant other’s brother’s identity after Feb. crash in MV

Herchel Ryan passes away at age 78

3rd Ave. Apartments feud investigated in Arson case; ‘Tis the season to be stealin’


School Admin. and Parents,
you can scan or takea photo and email it to times@mound.net, or Travis or Kasey can swing by the school and pick them up, or you can fax them to 205-371-2788, or you can drop them off in the mail slot at the
office at 42 2nd St., Moundville. Look for our news stand out front
Santa Letter deadline is Fri., Dec. 4.
This is for kids up to
second grade and special needs students.
We will run them in the Christmas Edition and mail them on to Santa.
Any specially colored or with artwork, we will also put on our website in time for Christmas.

Click on the Santa Letter to download.

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