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public notice
“Notice is hereby given that the City Council (the “Council”) of the City of Moundville, Alabama (the “City”) will meet in public session at 6:00 p.m. on January 14, 2019, at City Hall in the City of Moundville, Alabama for the purpose of considering the transaction of business that may properly come before the Council, such business to include, but not be limited to, the authorization by the Council, pursuant to Amendment No. 772 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, of a resolution (the “Resolution”) approving the execution and delivery of a Special Economic Development Agreement (the “City Agreement”) by the City and Sucarnoochie Investments, LLC as the holding company of Big Mike’s Steakhouse Moundville, LLC (the “Company”), to be dated the date of delivery, pursuant to which City Agreement the City shall (a) make economic development grants to the Company (based solely upon a percentage of net sales tax proceeds received by the City from the Company for a period of seven years or for such a term as otherwise described in the City Agreement) for the purpose of promoting the economic development of the City and in consideration of the establishment and operation by the Company of a restaurant facility in the City (the “Project”), and (b) provide an amount not to exceed $250,000 to finance the renovation and remodeling of, and equipment and materials for, the Project.
The City seeks to achieve, by undertaking its obligations pursuant to the City Agreement and the Resolution, to promote the local economic development of the City, to increase employment in the City, and to increase the tax and revenue base of the City.
The business entity to whom or for whose benefit the City proposes to lend its credit or grant public funds or thing of value is the Company.
All interested persons may examine and review the City Agreement, the Resolution, and all documents related thereto, and make copies thereof at personal expense, at the offices of the City during normal business hours, before and after the meeting referenced herein.
Further information concerning the information in this notice can be obtained from the City at the offices thereof during normal business hours.”

WHEREAS, the sole and only owners of the property hereinafter described
contiguous within the corporate limits of the City of Moundville did heretofore file with the Moundville Planning Commission a request asking that the said tracts or parcels of land be rezone from RS-I Residential to CI Neighborhood Commercial, together with an accurate description of the property or territory to be rezoned together with a map of said territory showing its relationship to the property line within the City of Moundville.
WHEREAS, the governing body of the City of Moundville did determine that it is in the public interest that said property be rezoned from RS-I Residential to CI Neighborhood Commercial, within the City of Moundville, and it did further determine that all legal requirements for rezoning said real property have been met pursuant to the Code of Alabama, Sections 11-52-77;
SECTION 1. The Council of the City of Moundville, Alabama, finds and declares as the legislative body of the City that it is the best interests of the citizens of the City, and the citizens of the affected area, to rezone the requested area from RS-I Residential to CI Neighborhood Commercial as described in Section 2 of this ordinance.
SECTION 2. The described property within the City of Moundville, Alabama, be, and the same are hereby rezoned from RS-I Residential to Cl Neighborhood Commercial zoning of the City of Moundville, Alabama, and in addition thereto, the following described territory, to­wit:
Clay Tindal, Tindal Law, LLC Property located
40520 Alabama Hwy 69 South
Parcel #360203062009029.001
This ordinance shall be effective and in full force from and after the date of its passage.
ADOPTED this the 10th day of December, 2018
Tony Lester, Mayor
Carol Townsend, City Clerk